Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, 12 Szymanowskiego Street - Scene Apartments

  • Typ nieruchomości: Commercial premises in a residential and service building
  • Lokalizacja: Gdańsk, 12 Szymanowskiego Street
  • Powierzchnia: from 42 m2
  • Szczegóły: Scena Apartments are an intimate building on 12 Szymanowskiego Street. A six-storey, elegant tenement style refers to the buildings in Wrzeszcz and harmonious with the surroundings of the city. Form, colors, standard of materials and high shopwindows of service premises give the building a light and urban feel. The bay windows and sloping roofs from Szymanowski Street refers to the traditional buildings of old Wrzeszcz.

    Commercial premises located on the ground floor of the building create a small, functional passage. In the tenement there are 6 commercial premises with an area of 42 sqm. up to 160 sqm. for commercial and service functions, including gastronomy business.

 The quarter of the Garnizon housing estate, which adjoins the premises of the Scena Apartments, creates a unique and harmonious space. We find here a conection of restored historical buildings, the new buildings and the residential district of Strzyża, historical buildings in Oliwa and commercial part of Wrzeszcz.
Next to the Scena Apartments, there is Garnizon housing estate with constantly growing amount of apartments (currently about 1000 flats, in the up-to-now offer 250 more), offices (currently about 30 thousand m²) and commercial and services. This unique place, thanks to its architecture and its climate, has become fashionable and gaining more and more interest among Gdansk residents as well as tourists.

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