We see your property as an asset
There has been continual grow of our property management department since 2006. Following the years of experience we currently manage a several commercial properties in TriCity and provide service for more than 200 tenants. Our engagement in managing a property is far beyond a standard approach. We see your property as an asset that we transform into a valuable business. We do this by wise commercialization and building a solid relations with our business partners and the tenants.

Our main task in property management is to fulfil the owner goals and to create a comfortable (high standard) environment for the tenants. We make sure that the property will generate the highest income and we care to reduce real estate costs as well. Based on our experience we can provide a broad spectrum of property management services to save the owner time and help to avoid an unexpected legal problems.

Below is a list of the main services which we provide to ensure the best property management:
1. representing the owner interests in front of tenants, local governments, financial and legal institutions,
2. lease administration,
4. maintenance costs administration,
5. administration of technical and legal documentation,
6. review and renegotiation of utility costs,
7. coordination and monitoring of the services provided by external companies,
8. coordination and administration of the property critical dates.