Gdańsk Oliwa, Maurycego Beniowskiego Street - IDEA

  • Typ nieruchomości: Commercial premises in a residential and service building
  • Lokalizacja: Gdańsk, Maurycego Beniowskiego Street
  • Powierzchnia: from 41 m2
  • Szczegóły: IDEA is a settlement located in the former Gdansk International Fair.

    It is created in cooperation with Polish artists whose works embellish both façades, staircases and the public space. By concentrating the settlement around the pedestrian-bicycle route, IDEA will become a great place to spend free time with family and friends.

    According to the projects up-to-date in October 2017, 11 residential buildings will be built in the estate, where approximately 600 apartments are planned. Up to now, 3 buildings have been built, with 194 apartments and 2 commercial locals in total.

    In the B5 building there are 8 commercial buildings with an area of 41 sqm. to 146.5 sqm. for commercial and service functions, which will appear on sale in November.
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